Shankara specialises in our Signature relaxation Therapuetic Massage, Deep Tissue / Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy Massage, Accupressure and beautiful Indian Ayurvedic Massage with Special Ayurvedic oils and Hawaiian Kahuna Lomi Lomi.

At Shankara, our signature massage style is relaxing and nurturing yet is firm in pressure addressing problem areas to ensure our clients leave their massage feeling relaxed and their problem areas have been addressed.

Our approach to massage is to draw from our years of experience in a variety of healing and health modalities to better help our clients receive the best treatment they have ever had. Our focus is to help you reach your fullest potential on your path to better health and wellbeing.

We are continuously learning, studying and growing in the field of health & wellbeing and exploring deeper into our potential to bring to our lives a greater experience of our own health potential and we look forward to sharing with our clients all that we discover along the way.

Shankara is passionate about providing our clients with the best treatments possible, providing Top Quality Massage every time.

Some benefits of massage include - relaxation of the mind, body and nervous system, assists in alleviating and reducing stress, anxiety and depression, relax tight and achy muscles, release tension including the deep layers in the body, helps to re-align the body and improves flexibility, boosts energy, promotes wellbeing emotionally and mentally, increases white blood cell count, helps clean the blood, detoxifies the body, eases and relieves the effects of arthritis and other arthritic conditions, calming and soothing for expecting mothers which helps for a more enjoyable pregnancy, reminds us of the simple experience of "feeling good"... to name only a few.


With a background in Hatha Yoga, this vinyasa style yoga focuses on bringing awareness to the importance of breath with movement. This is a great opportunity to have a one-on-one session to deepen your own practice or introduce you to yoga for the first time.

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